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Cast basalt, i. e. products of this material, are castings produced by melting, reshaping and cooling of suitable natural rocks, especially olivine basalts. Under this marking a wide assortment of tiles (including anti-sliding ones), pipes (inserts), adapting pipes and other special castings is produced. These products are distinguished for their high abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, they are not liquid-absorbing and they have considerable compression strength.

Basalt Lined Pipes
are very suitable for hydraulic transport of very abrasive materials and sludge. Pneumatic transport in heating and power plants, mines, transport of various abrasive or chemical materials etc.

Special basalt cast pieces – bends, branches, T-pieces, Y-pieces, jets, cyclones etc. – replaced the components from high-alloy steels and multiplied the equipment lifetime by five to twenty years.

Basic properties
Mohs hardness (CSN EN 101)                       : min. degree 8
Volume mass (CSN EN 993-1)                      : 2900 - 3000 kg.m³
Water absorption (CSN EN ISO 10545-3)      : 0 %
Compression strength (CSN EN 993-5)          : min. 300 - 450 MPa
Bending strength (CSN EN 993-6)                 : min. 45 MPa

Chemical Compositions of Cast Basalt:

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